Last week I had a booked a brand spankin’ new client for a $4,000 package. But that’s not the best part…

The BEST part is:


  1. She (let’s call her “Nancy”) was from a COLD audience. She had only just learned that I existed the week before.
  2. Nancy didn’t book a discovery call.
  3. Nancy didn’t even ask a single freaking question.

How is this possible?!

It’s branding. Pure and simple.
(Shocker, right?)

Let me tell you how I did it.

And how YOU can do the exact same thing.


Step 1

Create some really juicy content – I’m talkin’ like, the BEST stuff you’ve got – and give it away for FREE.
Why would you do that? Why would you give away valuable information for free?

  1. Firstly, it showcases what an expert you really are. Your audience can SEE, first-hand, that you know what the eff you’re talking about and are MORE than capable of helping them.
  2. Secondly, it shows them how VALUABLE your services are. They’ll be thinking, “Wow, if I’m getting this much value for free, imagine what it’d be like to work with this person!?”
  3. And lastly, it gives them a chance to get to know the real YOU. Your goal is to infuse as much of your personality as you can into that sucker. You want the reader to feel like they know exactly who you are after they read it.

My example: Nancy saw a post in a Facebook group and took my free quiz, Discover your Brand Archetype and use it to start attracting your DREAM clients like a freakin’ magnet!
(Notice the juicy name that tells them the VALUE of taking the quiz.)

Step 2

Go for the easy YES.
On your website, make sure the first step to working with you is a NO-BRAINER.

  • It makes them feel more comfortable because they get a chance to work with you and see what you’re all about without a huge commitment or investment upfront.
  • It gives you a chance to OVER-DELIVER. You get to prove your value to them first-hand.

And that’s what I’m all about, y’all.
If you’re charging premium prices, you damn well better blow your clients’ expectations out of the freakin’ water.

My example: Nancy booked a VIP Day on my website. She didn’t email me. She didn’t call and ask questions first. She KNEW it was the right fit for her based on the website copy and her previous introduction to me via the quiz.


Step 3

Offer your service.
If you’ve done the first 2 steps correctly, then this part is just a matter of logistics. They either know they want to work with you, or they don’t. It’s as simple as that.

My example: After Nancy’s Focus Session, I emailed her the pre-made proposal through Dubsado (which is AMAZING, by the way). She picked the option she wanted, signed her contract, and paid her deposit.

Within 1 week of knowing I existed.
Within 2 days of speaking to me personally.
Without ever asking a single question.



Simple as that

And you can do the same thing. Think for a minute what that might look like for you:

  • Fewer objections on sales calls.
  • Easier “HELL YES” responses.
  • Less time wasted talking to unqualified leads who try to haggle with you.
  • And best of all, only working with action-takers who truly value your services and are EXCITED to work with you.

If you wanna’ chat with me about how we can make this a reality for you (no obligation, no-icky sales pitch, of course), then I have a few spots open for you:

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